Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In honor of 'Cinco De Maino' visit Ms.Info's blog to check out the spanish version of "Sobre Todo" aka "All The Above" lol

Elliott Yamin, this guy's voice is AMAZING. That's all I
 have to say…If you're not on it, get on it---We need diversity people and he so does it for me!
Faves*Let Love Be*Know Better*Apart From Me*

I really can't with that covvvverrr. Hardest song though-- FOR THE WIN is "Like A Surgeon" 
"Head back, eyes closed, deep breath..Let go." *Gasp* :-X
Not even gonna do a review on this as I'll leave it to the homies at BET for this LowKey & Andreas aka "Two Twits Talking Shit" Gooo innnn!

I think Keri & Kanye need to hook up already...

BEP- BoomBoomPow...I am the Pow! lol

Page f/ Drake-I'm Still Fly....Who is Page though? :-/


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