Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rihlay RihRih?!?

Crazy how all the Rihanna flix  leaked as I was in my dept. mtg smh I was def itching to see what the hype was about and no homo at all but them TIT-TAYS and that stance lol thanks!! I'm in the gym doing squats and crunches till I get that waistline...That's all I'ma say regarding this matter.

Shouts to my homie Dallas Martin on this interview, we coming up shunnn! lol
Check it out below as he discusses a lot of key issues in the music biz!
PS- I did not create a monster 0:)

Another Congrats to one of the dopest bloggers/writers I know, LowKey! His blog You Heard That New ranked #6 on Vibe's Top 50 Rap Blogs and he got a nice little look today as a judge on 106th's Freestyle Friday too POW! 
FYI-Don't forget to catch him talking ish on the regular all over :)


Jessica said...

When I saw the pics I just thought "wtf?" haha.

ShanaB. said...

Haha my mouth was on the floor for a good couple minutes lol