Monday, May 4, 2009

SteveO put the Twitter community on to 'Tales From A Groupie' today ...
...Dono if I'm late on it but that site right there DEF blows MIND! The post on Nicki Minaj Oh.Em.Gee :-X…Like seriously, we all know she gets DOWN DOWN Lewinsky DOWN but homegirl seriously said and I quote... "my tongue felt like it was floating on peach flavored pudding" lmao really though??…Who even knows if these stories are true but the shit does happen in real life. Chicks will give their ALL for ONE NIGHT…One night to say "I slept with *insert artist/athlete name here*" …Don’t get it, someone care to fill me on what people get out of it? And I say 'people' cause guys be on the same shit…Not as bad as women but MALE GROUPIES are out there…I know some lol
Anywho back to the music… :)
The Making Of (Another typical urban video): Jeremiah- Birthday Se

Speaking of this kid, Him & F A B O have a GREAT song in rotation...Diggin it.
"Go hard today, can't worry about the past cause that was yesterday..."

I haven't posted a "Where Is Lloyd?" song in a minute..This is for you Raps :)

That's all folks...G'Nite

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Qu33n Kam... said...

I liked Niki Minaj but i didnt really know that much about her and i definitely knew she got down but i thought like in a trina type fashion but i didnt know she was the new age superhead lolz..learn new shit everyday