Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TK tells his side of the story...

"We grew apart" and you cheated nikkkkkkka!! Sooo wish this was longer! LOL I need more details even though Angela went in on the first episode of "Daddy's Girls"(heart that show!)…Def siding with Ms. Simmons on this one lol and I'm not being bias but her standing by her morals is a lovely thing, Go Ang!


fly=malcolm=x said...

I saw this on worldstar...he seems kind of upset or sad to me...i would too...she is fineeee..lol

Yves said...

lol @ this guy.
>=] She needs to be with me

DeeDee said...

lol typical guy answer. im over it.
at least sound believable.

He seems like a bull---isher lol.
"kno wat im sayiin"