Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanks to Chris Ca$h for this Tyga song…Not a big Tyga fan but this song is poppppp even though it sounds like his voice keeps cracking lol
Just Wanna Hit

Call me corny, but I kinda like these guys
Rock City- You Are

"I'm searching for greatness till I make it certain chances gottake take it before it's taken…Searching for my own success nothing given"
Yung Chris f/ Wale- Searching

Sooo homegirl from 'Daddy's Girls' has a t-pain-ed song…I already thought she seemed kinda snobby already but now she's singing…points lost *Dead*
Alycia (sounds like everything else right now)
Can't Help Myself

Sammie getting is grown man on and the song is kindaaaaaaaaaaaaa good he def got me with the "put you to bed part" even though it sounds like he's straining on some Yung Steff/Ray J ish
Dono who this Blake Kelly character is though…
Turn You Out

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