Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hate this part...

I slipped up on this song…Just saw the performance on The Hills finale performance
last night---> WILDIN' cause I have a big girl crush on Nicole Schwagganuts lol na but seriously I really enjoyed this performance :)

I put this up yesterday and took it down cause I heard there were some uh complications but overall I love this videosong, so Angre 3 g's

'Notorious' streaming on BET.com

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Ron Bass said...

WTF, I almost broke my foot listening to B.O.B. I just stubbed my pinky toe on my computer desk (Ouch), this dude is COLD. I think I met him when I use to work with TIP. Anywho, I blog jacked you and posted the video. Its all love Big Homey.


"Where Are You Breezy"