Thursday, January 15, 2009

My wisdom teeth are growing in and the irritation I'm feeling right now is NOT a game…SMH
This afternoon's plane crash in the hudson…Sad Sad but a blessing that everyone survived.
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Corey Gunzz is dope but sometimes I ask myself is he just spitting a whole bunch of really smart words or is he really saying something?
"Crack A Bottle" Cover

Man, I LOVED JT back in the day like FIEND CHRIS BROWN today status lol
Bigger Than The World (Reference I guess)

Shouts to Shamikah for this lol I love this song :)
So Beautiful (Orange Fuzz Version)

Tapping into the white girl again with
David Archuleta "Crush" I like this song... I was watching 90210 last night sorry :(

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Old Man T said...

Orange Fuzz video is hot...i cant even appreciate the humor in it because i'm grooving to the song too much...And Corey Gunz is a delivery rapper, its how he is saying his lines more so than what he is yes, sometimes he is just rapping about a bunch of nothingness.