Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sorry but I'm having an air out/venting moment...Late on youtube last night, mad bored and I come across some very interesting footage of a couple artists at a studio in Atlanta w/ some other artist/producers. Now, a while ago I had a conversation with one of these "dudes" about the other "dude" and I stated what I thought about this particular "dude' and how I felt he was a HUGE cornball and how he BITES off of 2 other A-list rapper 'dudes' out there...So, DUDE agreed with me and even added his 2 cents in about what he thought about this other dudemanboy, so now it's Jan.3 2009 and I'm seeing that these 2 dudes have recorded a song together LOL can we say Hyporite?Maybe? Just a little?I know this music biz is a bunch of politiks but my man really went in on this dude and called him all kind of lames and now ya'll recording "hits" together?? fuck outtta heree!
**PS- Names will remain DON'T ask. I literally had to vent cuz this shit blew mind and this was the best place**

Anyways, My homie Raymizle in CA put me on to K-OS and I stumbled upong this song song 'Zambony'

...good stuff, I can dig it.

Feeling Lil' Wayne's gatorade "What's G" commercial...Reminds me of the "I Will Not Lose" commercials a while back

compliments of GWHH

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Cat Hill said...

I think I know who ur talking