Sunday, January 4, 2009

I finally got out of the house last night, was very excited about that lol I went to go see Valkyrie with my neighbor from down the road lol and I must say that it was pretty educational I've always been very interested in Hitler and his reign in Germany so this clarified a lot of things...Even though I would've liked to see a little more of the shit he did but it wasnt a biography so yea that was it :). Back to the fort oh joy :-/ Na let me stop I'm ready to go back to the office, I was just getting used to this sleep-all-day-lazy-shit but sleep and being lazy don't get you that ca$$$$h lol (i sound like a skripper)

So "Never Ever" by CiCi f/ Jeezy isnt too shabby, cute lil song I suppose--kinda true too.

And then there's Teairra w/ "Holla" ....Yup. I need to make my mind up on this one, I mean I guess it's good that she's doing something...I guess.

I really hope Usher steps his game back up because yeah everyone knows he clearly fell off, which is sad, poor Ursh...This song isnt too bad though sounds like a oldie "Love Looks Good"

On 1-4-09 Dwayne Laflower said Ne-Yo is falling off....What do the people say?
In the meantime, Ne-Yo keeps leaking tracks like ''The Rain" stay tuned for more.

Question: Where's Lloyd?

Alright I'm out, blowin this popicle stand, gonna watch Nostradamus: Align Center2012 ...Don't really believe in all this scientifical shit but it's interesting.

PS- If anyone needs MP3's to the songs I post, just ask for them...The postmaster told me I had to stop posting songs if not my shit woul get SHUT DOWN and that = NO BUENO


Chase N. Cashe said...

I like =)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog !

Anonymous said...

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