Thursday, January 1, 2009

I bought the new year in at home on my couch, with a glass of wine and I must say it wasnt that bad. I mean, it would've been cool to go out but watching the fireworks on 42nd from my warm apartment in my robe wasnt too shabby neither... I got the rest of the year to party hard :) Anyways 1st blog of the year and as U SU A L im on my random shittttttttttt pow!

So almost everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of J. Holiday's music and it's crazy cause I met dude in DC and had an hour(+) long convo with him and in my head I was like "okkk, can I tell you that I LOVEEE your music??" but I held it back cause we were all talking on some business ish, Oh well....Anyways here's a new track called
"Fall" leaked a couple days ago but I'm diggin as usual :)

Dono what it is about Keri Hilson but I half way like her now a days...Like there's potential I just don't think she can sing in REAL life...I don't know--she sounds okay on this song I guess...

Ahh! I know I'm some odd days late on this but you know how I be with my Brandy songs lol she always singing the truth man
"One Thing"

Brandy- "Keyed" written by James Fauntleroy who is so FUCKING amazing at what he does it's ridic how talented he is. This man literally be writing on some next shit, true story.

Another late post but I thought this was kind of dope
Banglaesh- Adidas

Ok, so i've decided I'm a Jesse McCartney fan lol I always listen to his singles but I'm bout to really listen to his music he was on the Dick Clark show and performed this song lol I likeeee
"My Baby"

....And I may have posted this before but I really liked his T Pain "Buy You A Drank" cover :)

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