Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 DouBle Oh (12345678) 9!

Not to sound all cliche and shit but it really feels like I was just writing my last '07 into '08 blog a couple days ago... This year really went by quick, dono if it was all the trips or just me being consumed with work but like any other time that passes, I've learned: a) that people can be your friend one day and the second you turn ya head they're talking bull b) Almost every dude I fucked with this year is CRAZY & DERANGED! Ya'll need jesus jerome lol. I've loved: he came into my life unexpectedly and left the same way, but he left a mark...because even though he may not have been "the one" it was a sign of how I should feel in a real relationship, still got MAD love for him regardless. I've lost: ...again, and this time just as hard as I did with my mom's... RIP Abuela- Never thought the day would come when she'd leave but she did, and it hit me exactly how i thought it would....that day my world crashed and it's been hard since. I've linked: (WTF?-Sorry I needed another 'L' word lol) With incredible people who inspire me to do more then just what is in front of me. ..
2 thousand Grind
2 thousand Shine

(We bout to go in somethin crazzzzzzy---you already know how I do! SB I go hard, I go hard :) )

But yeah, that's what it's about and on some realness all I ask for in this coming year is health and prosperity (lol dollllazzz)

"Your sanity is worth much more" - Curta!n$ aka my nigga fo lifeee
(Not sure if thats the exact wording but thats going in my '09 book of quotes)

Hope the best for everyone out there who reads my little blog and thanks for taking the time to read.
Signin off for the '08

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*CurT@!n$* said...

"Its never worth your sanity" is the exact quote. I wish you 100 years of success! -H!gh$oC!eTyDoPE