Friday, July 18, 2008

Totally forgot to express my excitement for the return of Run's house this week!!! LOL Meant to post about that earlier in the week but it's all good because at the end of the day my favorite show is back in motion! :)

And speaking of The Simmons family, don't know if anyone read my post when I spoke about one of my fav females Angela, making her way into the music industry and how I said it was a huge mistake…Once again, I back my shit up and she recently leaked a song called "Center Of Attention" ….Again, I ask myself why mama why!?! I mean maybe it'll catch with the little kids but seriously? Ugh such a BAD move, sorry.

Nas' album dropped this week, and I feel like the whole album is a HUGE wake up call…

Speaking of wake up calls (Sorry for the back to speaking of's) I had a very nice dinner last night with my cousin and one of my besties….We drank, we ate, we laughed, we cried and at the end of the day it made me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by such great people and if I've distanced myself from them it's not because I've done it purposely…I can admit that I don't know how to express myself at times and I'll seem like I don't care but that's just the toughy inside of me and I apologize for that :( love you Ce.

Rihanna is all over this months In Style magazine, rocking the SHIT out of these Gucci boots.I remember the day I saw these in the store I almost cried…

T.I. Has another dope single out called "Whatever You Like" def get my shoulder lean on to this song!

Concluding this post, purposely with Drake's
"Brand New" remix f/ Weezy
Lotta reasons behind that BUT I'm not gonna air anyones inconcistency out on this blog, it is what it is…Therefore, catch me in M I A this wknd. I'm OUT!!!

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