Tuesday, July 15, 2008

N.E.R.D- Spazzzzz pow! this footage is dopeeeee, good ass editinig and the effects? THA HANKS!
PS- Did anyone peep Pharrells cardigan on TRL today??? Good shit!

Not loving this video, think the part where she's in between the lockers dancing is O SO CHEESY and isn't her guy the same guy from Ashanti's video? LOL, You can't recycle main guys in video gee wizzzzzzzzzz!! Do love this song though….Something I can def relate too right now
Keri Hilson- Energy


Random coming from me but I gotta say there's some fucked up shit going on in today's governement and whoever knows me knows that I've never been one to be into politics but in this day & age I really feel like we should get more involved, like to be in the midst of this and actually witness what's going on with Obama and Hilary is seriously amazing to me…I mean granted my vote will be in for Obama but if Hilary wins it'd still be a proud moment. And with that I conclude this post with an incredible video that was sent to me earlier today and no lie when I tell you I got goosebumps watching this, I'm so serious.

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zILLa said...

ummm, you know Obama won like a month ago, right? Hillary lost.