Monday, July 14, 2008

Ok, so not sure WHY people are hitting me up regarding this 106th & Park situation but it's seriously NONE OF MY BIZ and I don't know the deal behind Friday's episode, ya'll need to piece that shit together ya'll selves but if you watched today's show Rocsi was def not present lol Yikkkkkkkkkes

Now on to my fave part of the day
New ish, New ish, New ish!
Had to post this cause my boss is def in this video and literally ran away from the computer when I saw this L O L
GCH- Peace Up/ Index Down

This girl is sooooooo pretttttyyy and I love this songgggggggggggg, don't love L L though, chill!
LL Cool J f/ The Dream- Baby

Chris Breeze leaked not 1 lol but 2 songssss not sure about the
"M.I.A." song but def feeling the "Fatal Attraction" track

R. Kelly…can't stand em but he has a nice new song that I like called

And last but never least Lloyd leaked some ish again
"Year Of The Lover" owwwwwwwww

Oh! Oh! And Oh! Before I forget in case you havent heard T.I.'s new song Swing Ya Rag, please do!!! P O P POPPING and while we're on Tip mode, His new album cover is very dope, artsy and abstract, good shit fa sho!

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Mr Mumbles said...

So... y aint I mentioned n this thing!?! It's cute, I lik! (And dont ACT like u dont kno who this is!)