Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soooo Donnie Klang (symbols go off PINGGGGGGGGG!) played his album for us along with the help of Mr. Puff Diddy Poppa Puff and what I am about to say may alarm you or confuse you to some sort but I have to say that EVERY track ( he played a good 6) except for one had me yes! Can't say that I like the "Take You There" song because I don't and the video wowza 2 words "SOFT PORN" but he has this song with The Dream, THA HANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! As soon as that leaks it'll def be playing constantly because that song right there....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

My hubby has a new song, and of course I'm digging duh!

(Picture courtesy of Lacey @ Essence)
Chris Breeze- Back2Back

BRANDY also has a new song!!! I'm a bit late cause I wasn’t going to post it but I can't stop playing it and hopefully ya'll wont stop neither

Ok, so everyone knows I was a go hard in M I A for Ace Hood's "Cash Flow"…Found a nice lil track by him on my handy dandy undervcover blog.
Good (that's an understate because I've played this song a million times already, loving it clearly) thug love, hold me down while hustle song featuring Trey Songzzzz called

And to conclude todays post, I did this little Day26 favor shoot a couple months back and it finally posted! Gotta say I had a pretty neat time doing this, Enjoy :)
Check Check Check it outttt,
Bad Boyyy shun lol

PS- Here are some pics from N O, for the rest you can check the myspizzle :)

The street art guys had me amazed..
Beastin to see the show lol Andddd....I'm back to the short hair don't care and I have to say I mayyy go shorter (FYI Those are probably my FAVORITE shoes!)

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Mr Mumbles said...

I see u! Tha short cut is cute I'll admit, BUT I still prefer the long hair! (Who am I 2 give my opinion anyway rite!)