Wednesday, July 9, 2008

B B D!?

So Raps and I had a rather interesting conversation the other day about me and my current guy situation (fyi* there is no REAL situation that I'm dealing with, just fun that I like to have from time to time cause I get kinda bored and need excitement) and this is how it went down

Zilla (10:30:24 AM): i have a theory
SB (10:30:38 AM): LOL ok tell me your theory when you return
Zilla (10:41:58 AM): i think you have a BBD issue
SB (10:42:06 AM): bbd???
Zilla (10:42:13 AM): bigger better deal
Zilla (10:42:28 AM): for instance
Zilla (10:42:30 AM): u like
Zilla (10:42:41 AM): but you wouldnt make it serious bc what if ex homeboy came around
SBrAdiOHeaD (10:42:54 AM): lolll
Zilla (10:42:58 AM): and even ex homeboy, you wouldnt make it serious bc what if future homeboy came around
SBrAdiOHeaD (10:43:02 AM): lmao
Zilla (10:43:07 AM): tell me im wrong
Zilla (10:43:41 AM): this weekends crush excited me bc i thought maybe he was the BBD
Zilla (10:44:45 AM): and ps, thats why homeboy#1 hates you
Zilla (10:44:55 AM): you make him feel like the C-D lister that he is
Zilla (10:45:19 AM): all he wants is someone to think hes an A lsiter
Zilla (10:45:20 AM): u know

*names purposely disguised due to BEASTING ass ppl :)
Homeboy#1- Current Guy, who will never pass GO lol
Ex Homeboy- Has a GF and disappeared on me
Future Homeboy- Love him, speak about him awwwwwl the time
This weekends crush- Ballllllllllllllllin'!

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zILLa said...

LMAO!!! Beware of the Bigger Better Deal...