Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So New Orleans was a bliggidy B L A S T, I swear I love partying out of state (Even though I'm paying for it now, cause I'm def coming down with something :( )
Got crazy Thursday, Friday & Saturday! No clue where all the energy came from but def good times in VIP lol…I thought Miami partied hard during Memorial weekend? Nop, Nop the NO gets down. Friday's Essence show was GREAT! Truly believe everyone did their thing and I'm not going to be bias but Chris delivered ridiculously as always…Kanye had people waiting for almost an hour before he went on [SMH] but he's Kanye I guess he can do that, still ripped it either way… Pics from the show straight outta 1 of my faves Concreteloop :)
For GREAT video footage check out Zilla's blog

…Crazy cause I was telling the ladies on Saturday how weird I felt being in the superdome especially when Flashing Lights came on and Ye said the "Feeling like Katrina with no FEMA" line, think I got Goosebumps being in the NO and hearing that…
*Pics of the madness coming as soon as Lis/Lace sends to me lol, any day now ladies
In the meanwhile, you can take a look at my cartwheel marathon after drinking a good ol hand grenade....the things i do while intoxicated LOL Enjoy

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