Tuesday, July 22, 2008

M I A Literally :)

Went to MIA this past weekend, good to get away for a bit I must say…partied a little (FYI- Def went to a penthouse party that was like 3 floors deep and Geezus, I've never seen anything so pretty) slept in a comfortable ass bed, ate good food, good times once again. Also realized that I hate guys who are inconsistent, 2 of them resurfaced this weekend and I had a HUGE break down, Bad Biz and I'm not fucking with it.

Ok, so I think it's official to say that Mario is another underdog who doesn’t receive the credit he deserves when it comes to his music SMH.
I Choose You
Stuttering -(Very Ne-Yo on this if you ask me)
Promise Land

(This shit right hereeeeeeeeeeeeee I N C R E D I B L E)

I don't think people know how excited I am about Brandy's return cause the tracks I'm hearing are sooo on point to me like she is def back on her shit, I.E, This song called

Ne-yo continues to deliver divine music…I feel like he's slowly changing R&B w/ every track he drops this
Ms. Independent song has OFFICIALLY become my theme song. Like I don't even know what to say, its just great.
Also, listen to
"Breaking Up" production of this song is really good.

Sooooo a couple months ago someone wrote a song for me and sampled this song which was sampled from Corrine Bailey, but anyways besides the fact that it song was cool…I looked into the sampled sample which turned out to be a dope artist that my cousin mentioned to me a while back….Anyways here's the full song with video…Enjoy
Taio Cruz- Like A Star

Dawn from DK released some solo tracks, word is she's dropping a solo album next year shhhh but yeah I'm feeling this oneee right here

"Rush Love" f/ Floooo
Also listen to
"Strobe Light" kinda sekssiiii

Raheem Devaughn dropped a video for Text message, nice lil twist at the end.

Last but not least Rihanna made a video for Disturbia, this shit right here???? SO SERIOUS!
LOVE this video because it's sooooo relevant to the songgg and it's so perfect for her, Chris Breeze did his thing with this song…Kudos!

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