Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 new videos that I’m LOVING!
1st Lloyd with his long hair don’t care, doing it up with his color focused, diamond eyes, startrack video
Hating the straight hair reminds me of Mona Lisa LOL sorry still love Mr. Gonzo though
Weezy’s part ruless that rewind effect killssss meee!

Talking bout Weezy did anyone see the blueprint on BET last night when they asked him about his relationship with alcohol & drugs...1st he says I do not drink, then says music is his drug...for real wayne? for real? what was in that styrofoam cup then? apple juice? and while we're dumping D on Wayne might as well go into C3 talk...I don’t love it but I don’t hate it...and I say that I don’t love it ONLY because it still reminds me of a mixtape like I listened to it and asked myself "where are the "Money On My Mind" & "Fireman" tracks??" Like don’t get me wrong he has some TOUGH songs on it but I dono I feel like something is still missing :(

2nd Solange w/ "I Decided", I DO NOT like this song, but I really like the video...I dono what it is about the song like it has potential KIND OF, but as of right now I’m not feeling at all, sorry Josie :(

I think I blogged a snip of this a while ago but in case I didnt hear the full version of Ciara's new song called "Supernatural" :) all smiles here, she went in

Random, but how about that new coldplay song "Viva La Vida" ??? HEART it, they're such a great band.

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