Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Popppin!?

Soooo I went to summer jam the other night and I must say I wasn't excited about it at all, I can't even say I was disappointed because I didn't expect much but still... :(
Only highlights included...
Vintage Lil Wayne at his HIGHEST (literally) playing his guitar which by the way, he looks so hot when he throws it on his back shirtless! W H O A! but yea my dude really think he's Carlos Santana lmao

Kanye West did his thing as always. I swear I can see him a million times and he always seems to amaze me. I dono if I'm just taking this personal because I'm such a big fan but the response from the audience wasn't strong AT ALL...Like I seriously felt sad because this was a preview of "Glow In The Dark" for those who couldn't attend people weren't hype at all, like he even addressed the shit because he knew the deal maybe it was just because everyone in the there were from the hood and only wanted to there were in gangs and only wanted to hear Wayne Dipset music lol

Maino did his thing too! That was exciting...coming out with A.Keys was a pretty big look.
So yep, that was pretty much it for the most part...Oh wait! When Ace Guttaa came out and did Ca$h Flow def lost my mind! haha ok that's it.

Shouts to everyone who came thru for Steph's BBQ on Friday!Talk about good drunk times lol Stay tuned for the next BBQ in July sometime! xo

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My boo has a new haircut and took cute pics with OUR gf lol at the MTV Movie Awards :)

Plies f/ Trey Songz- I'm The Man

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