Monday, May 19, 2008

Ok, sooo to those who watch "The Game", was last night the season finale?? Because that episode was crazzzyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Been listening to
Cherish's "The Truth" album all weekend, not bad for these girls...listen to it on

Faves Be*
[[ I Aint Trippin***, Amnesia, Notice, Only One, Love Sick]]

Beyonce has some new tracks...
I really, really like how she sounds on
"Should Have"

The desparation in her voice is I N T E N S E.
I love that she's putting out a song where the girl is actually at fault for fucking up and asking for forgiveness. The rest are very similar to "Irreplaceable" and ya know what? it's all good, cause she's Beyonce and she can do that...
New Shoes
Kick Him Out

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