Tuesday, May 20, 2008

M I AyoOoO here I comeee! This is such a good summer song...Enjoy!

MTV leaked Usher's "Here I Stand" album...18 tracks strong LOVE THAT. I've heard half of this album already but it's good to finally here it in its enitrety.
Since I'm such an optimist, I've decided to list the tracks I DONT like oppose to the ones I do like since I always winde up loving everything lol

This Aint Sex- just dont like it
Lifetime- not interested
Here I stand-- yawnnn

18 tracks and only I have to skip 3--not because I dislike them, I just can't sit through them.... which means I have to list my Faves sorry :)
"Trading Places" Crazi, Sexi, Cool LOL makes me want to tune into my alter ego and do some seducing "gone get it, get it, get it"
"Moving Mountains" --Didnt like this song when I first heard it awhile ago, but it def grew on me, dudes and they're fuck ups
"Best Of Me"-- because it reminds me of throwback "Confessions" album
"Before I Met You"-- Just a good song
"What's A Man To Do" because I was that other girl :( crazy, but I still got love cause he's a good person regardless, guess I wana see em happy even if it's not with me, corny but true...DEUCES

Janet Jackson on Plies Bust It Baby??? LOL Okay.

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