Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm back smitcheeess was still in vacay catch up mode, sorry to those who hit me up asking what was up with the posts lol
Went to Miami this past weekend and even though it was a REAL HOT MESS and it felt like everyone from Queens got on a bus and headed to the same spot, I still had LOADS of fun with the exception of a couple situations of course but whatever it is what it is! Pics belowww :)

Partied up in Mansion and WHOA I've never so much vagina live and in color...I couldn't look at myself the same LOL

Fab KILLED ittttt!

Met Jim Jones and lordyyy was he rude, don't love him NO MO!

Ocean was def the place to be during the day!

Kanye released a THIRD version of the Flashing Lights video today which is very odd, eerie, and creepy but overall I do like...might like it better then the first version. There's certanily an underlying meaning there that I would love to figure out but I'm a bit slow when it comes to these things so whoooo knows

Also liking Lady Gaga, not sure where she came from but I like her video for "Just Dance" sooo FUN!...

anddd OMG random sidebar I'm so disappointed kinda :( I met Lykke Li yesterday and I swearrrr I must've rambled on about how much I liked her CD and she just nodded and smiled the whole convo, DEF felt kinda retarded but maybe she did'nt understand me? LOL I heard she was a bit rude to a couple other people so I dono if I should take it personal...

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