Sunday, May 18, 2008

I know it's been a while sweetheart...


I was fiendinggggg to write this post man and here it is, FINALLY!

'Glow In The Dark' was beyond incredible, seriously!
Lupe killed it, his energy was ridiculous then again I've never seen him delivery a non-energetic performance...He even bought out his GOLD plaque for "The Cool" which he gladly deserved!

NERD was cool very rockish but when aren't they?? Teyana Taylor and Lupe came out for "Everyone Nose" and were jumping around all crazy and it just hit me as I'm watching the video that this song is about GIRLS ON COKE![[GASP!!]]

Then my wonderful bride to be Rihanna LOL (disregard that comment) did her THINGGG! such a hot girl I swear, definitely bought my hubby Chris out and I lost my mind peep the video below...

...the "Oh My God" was clearly moi, and I sooo knew he was coming out but still it was such a rush lmao I'm shutting up now.

And then there was the magnificent Kanye West whose ego did not permit him to bring out any special guests (because John Legend, Jay, Diddy and Beyonce were all present--fyi Beyonce was rocking the whole show lol very cute) except for Lupe on "Touch The Sky" which is what closed the show, but overall his set was amazing cause he told a story through each song, really felt like I was watching a LIVE movie if that makes any sense. That man is truly a, it's almost insane how brilliant he is.

Late, but while we're in Kanye mode please listen to the Lollipop remix with him and Wayne
"She ride my spaceship till she hit the top, that hit spot till ask how many licks licks till she get to shop..."--Yeez

Went to see Lupe the night after at SOB's and he is truly one of a kind when it comes to his art. Don't wanna say this show was better then the night before but he def did way more songs--like "Switch" whoa!--old but he murdered this, good shit. Lotta backpackers were in the vicinities lol but I was very much feeling the crowd...small & intimate, good food...I could do shows at small venues er day er night! :)

Afterward went to Maino's party @ Runway to say hello to the haters lol


While we're in Maino mode peep the video to Hi Hater- Maino ft. Georgie & The Atlantic Interns

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