Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please mark this day down in history because today I have finally moved on from my ChrisBreezy crush on to new, bigger and better attractions ((siiiiiiiigh)) lol I have found a new love on this wonderful slow sunday that I will treasure forever lmao. okay! In all serious though, I was watching this movie-->"She's The Man" (Amanda Bynes' movies ROCK!) and whoa! Channing Tatum...thanks! thanks! thanks! where has he been all my life?


Andddd while were on the topic of Chris Brown, here's a cute little pic of him at Nick's Kids Choice Awards :)

In other non-male related news, Cassie has a new song that I'm feeling called T H I R S T Y

Good timing on this one for me, lol cuz I feel like SOME (don't wanna offend the nice ones) guys have definitely been acting like thirst bursts and need to quench that ASAP (lmao who says that!? geeezzuss)but seriously I don't know what to do with some of ya'll!! Its like the gift & the curse (no buennoo)

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