Monday, March 31, 2008

Mel, this right here!! You already know!
LOL Mel and I were on opposite ends of town and BUMPED this song coincedentially at the same time.
Funny, cause when I saw the post about another Touch My Body remix, I was like uugghh so over it (even though I like the song)
Then I heard it on my way back from my weekly Sunday trip to Wal Greens yesterday and came to a hault like whoa!? what's this dope sounding song?!
and of course its
Mariah Carey f/ Rick Ross & The Dream :)

(Dream's break down....shiiiiett)

New Music from Bobby V., not sure if I like it 100% but I feel it growing on me.
Heard he got dropped from Def Jam?...Any truth to that?

Ahhhhhhh I'm such a band groupie! Live music just does it for me, seriously! and what better way to kick off Spring Break with good music from the wonderful Lupe Fiascooooooo!
Paris, Tokyo


Speaking of Lupe LOL peep this hidden gem I found today with Chris Brown "uh I roll with a clan, you look like Jackie Chan uh!" L M A O

Had a LOT of time on my hands today, so I decided to do some youtubing and I think I'm late on this song but One Republic- Stop & Stare, is such a beautiful songggg, heard it on "The Hills" of course...

Came across another great video from one of my fave bands Maroon5- Won't Go Home Without You...Love this song for specific reasons but even if I did'nt have specific reasons lol I'd still love it....SMH Lace your right I do love everything geewiz...I'm gonna make a hate blog one...Look out for it

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