Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Bday Billy!

My favorite boy aka my lil bro aka the spoilest kid I know, turns 14 today.
Crazy how time flies by, love you kidd
Whoa! so let me tell ya how crazy miss mother nature minute I'm having a catch up convo with Lacingtin and the next thing I know, the wind starts going into convulsions and my lights start flickering, 2 seconds later I'm sitting in the dark. I look outside and see sparks flying and the sky turning every shade of electricity known to man... lights out for my block due to mother natures titty attack, knocking down tress and shit, BS I tell ya.

Sooooo whoever is sleeping on my man Raheem DeVaughn needs to be ran over by a truck!
cause this guy is so it for neo soul, TRUE STORY. So glad his people picked this for his next single cause it's def one of my favorites off the album. Loving his fits in this too, the jacket, the scarf...spiffy.

Mel Holla 4 a Dolla played this song in her car last night and whoa! I love Lloyd [as an artist], so I shouldnt have even been surprised but it's something about new music that just gets me so pumped and this song definately gave me the "Oh Shit" feeling.
Lloyd- Can't Get Over You

I may have to light a L to this one, pullll up lol
Mel, I think I'm going to dedicate this blog to you for putting me on to the new ish.
**New** Movado f/ Jay-Z

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zILLa said...

the. lloyd. is. crazy.

you. know. how. i. feel. about. him.