Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free Willy

...Because today, I feel like a whale and Im going to dedicate this song down yonder to myself.
Juelz Santana- Drop A Couple Pounds

On a slimmer note, TRL premiered Danity Kane's new video "Damaged" it? love it? hate it?
I heart the choreography and ya'll already know I love this song, so as far as their vocals---very good.

"Welcome To The Dollhouse" is up on MTV's The Leak

As for the album, egh it's okay I guess? I reallllly like "Secret Place" but the fact that it's not even close to 2minutes long really blows mind. "Is Anybody Listening" is pretty, "Ecstasy" is cool, "Poetry" is amazzinng, I love/like/love "Sucka For Love" <--cause I kinda tend to be one lol, Aubrey's vocals SUCK on this one though, sorry.

Flo Rida's "Mail On Sunday" is also up on The Leak

LOL I'm not going to be bias because I got a Thank You in the album artwork(Lace we're Famous!! lmao) but I will say that this album is not as bad as some of you may think. The majority of the album is on point and he has a lot of features including Timbaland, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Will.I.Am and a couple other people, so def give it a listen.

Gotta put ya on to
Lil Wayne letting females lick the wrapper all over town lol

So Spitzer schwizzes off with prostitutes aye? Ya'll know I do not go into Politics but this is kind of funnnnny, tsk tsk.

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