Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shoots & Ish

So this whole post is from Concrete Loop lol because their last 3 posts I loved, so lets get into it

Rihanna cuts her hair even shorter and debuts it at the 2008 Music Awards in Cannes and looks F A B (dono why I'm loving here even more as the days past lol). Almost makes me wana cut my hair a little, YIKES. Nah, but seriously I love when girls go short and are still hot because today's society loves long hair but guess what? short hair is beautiful too!

Miss Estelle shot her new video for "American Boy" with Kanye in BK on Friday...Good to see 'Ye getting back into the swing of that song FYI and Estelle's dress game= SERIOUS Anddddddd to conclude my Concrete knock off, my boo Chris Browningtin & American Idol Jordin Sparks shot the "No Air" video in NY as well! Very happy that her people decided to go with this song as the next single cuz it's definately a fave.
Geez I love him, lol
Lace'umz thank you for putting me on to this....for real. This song is beautiful.Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love

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