Saturday, January 26, 2008


My life isss over as I know it...rumors areee myyyyy Chris Breezy and the lovely Rihanna are datinggg?...Ugh, I can't even hate on it because, if these rumors are true, they def make a cute couple. yes, I said it. Next topic!
Bobby brown goes country?? music is music but, LOL lets be serious now.

OMG! So peep this, I'm in my dept.'s weekly meeting and like I always tend to do, I drifted off into TV land(definately need to stop that) and caught a commercial of these Prada looking Fila's on BET...I was so confused and shocked at the site of Hurrican Chris holding up these wana be patent leather American Cups LMAO I can't believe this...If I see anybody with these shits YES! pardon my language...If I see any CORNBALL in the streets with these shits on I AM ROASTINGGGGG!!!!!! HARD BODY! You gotta be OUT of your muther EFFIN mind to even THINK about purchasing these!

Me & the girls went out last night...peep the honiiesss lol you gotta love 7days7nights for making everyone look so good :)
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cecerockscuzshes21 said...

cute pic...

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