Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Girls Rule!

Boys Drool! lol j/k I'm realllyy feeling the ladies right now...pause?
Yeah, but uhm as far as music I've been very anti-male this week and last...and to even top it off it's all non-urban girls who play the piano! well except for Wynter Gordon who is signed to Atlantic & whose new song I've played 98237496437643 times today! Definately put that on the myspace page that of which I barely go on but whatever, it is what it is.

Wyter Gordon- Surveillance

We have the dope ass Kate Nash, who is a cross between Lily Allen and....I'm trying to figure out who else lol. Heard her song 'Mouthsong' in Forever21 (which FYI plays the best effin music!) and fell in loveeeee with her voice! Cool girl, look her up! :)

Then we have Sara Bareilles is playing all over, I'm sure some of ya'll know who this is very talented girl, but if you have'nt this song rules and her album is great too! It's been on constant repeat since Ce put me on. Thx Boo! :)

Vanessa Carlton is a old g lol but you gotta love her she's muder inc. representer! lol I find that sooo odd but I mean yay! to them for branching out

Got put on to Alice Smith today...another beautiful voice! ahhh I love all this new music! I'm so excitedd!! :)

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