Monday, January 28, 2008

Fall Back? Nah, Fall Forward

(Q killed me when he said that, him & his overbite lol)

The Band is backkkk!!
Soooo pumped for this seasonnnnn, I'll definately be staying up past my bedtime on Mondays from now on to stay up to date, no DVR-ing for me this go round lol.
The hook ups are prettty interestinggg! Even though I don't really approve the uh Q and Dawn thang lol and we all know Aubrey & Donnie is part of the script-- all good tho, good for TV!
Music sounds good, the girls look good (Aubrey's on her skanky ish), the guys look good, voices are on point too! so, with that being said here are the group singles and I'm outtttt CIAO!

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