Wednesday, January 30, 2008


OMG! So remember my Fila/Prada wana- be post?! I saw someone with them today...lmao an artist at that...::SHAKING MY MUTHA EFFIN HEAD:: I'm not going to say ANY names but he's part of a new* band and is deinfately the uh "ladies man" out of the group, GEEZUS WHY!! and it's crazy because when I saw this strong man with these shoes on it didn't hit me right away...I'm in this meeting just staring into space and I happened to lay my eyes on the shoes like "hmm those P's look kinda crazy but whatever?" so I leave the mtg and I'm @ my desk and I see the commercial and it hit me like "OH SHIT! ____ had these on" seriously?? why?! lol ayyy diosss, I'm over it man...I'm actually over this whole wk. and it's not even over yet!

Speaking of bands and all that jazz, last night Diddy hosted a Bad Boy showcase that was VERY INTERESTING! 'The Band' opened and they did a great job even though they're mic's were screwed up and Diddy literally had them start over, Cheri Dennis did her thing in some gross looking tights, Mario Winans performed in a black silk shirt...((crickets)), The AMAZING Janelle Monae, who recently got signed to Bad Boy performed--she's so effin dope it's ridiculous if ya'll havent tuned in to her music do yourself a favor and listen, Naughty By Nature performed?? lol and the whole time a bunch of question marks were floating around my head--cool/random appearance but still very bizarre, and to top it off Danity Kane sang and danced around in pastry sneakers...

Kanye announced his "Glow In The Dark" tour which looks like it's going to be PHENOMENAL (thank you J. Cannon!) line-up features Rihanna, N.E.R.D, and the one only Lupe Fiasco....I'm sure we'll be getting some CRS action at this show! w0O hOo

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