Friday, December 7, 2007

Nom's & Mustaches

Kanyeezy leads the pack this year with 8 grammy nom's and he deserves all 8. Go Ye'!

I'm not sure if I'm surprised that Amy Winehouse is in 2nd with 6 nom's maybe it's just 'cause she's been M.I.A in rehab or whatever, which really sucks 'cause she's so dope wait, maybe dope is the wrong word to use with her LOL she's great tho, I hope she gets better.

So last night, Deewiz & I went out for chicken'd out pizza and Heart Attack Garlic Knots he noticed on the back of a bus that the sleepy's guy does'nt have a mustache anymore....I thought they wanted em to make him look younger? lol but I guess dude looked like Hitler so they had to make some adjustments...Interesting aye.

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