Monday, December 10, 2007

This is it!

Throwback mode in full effect! This song is so GREAT that I had to post it. Funny stuff, 'cause over the weekend I went super hard to find out who sang it because I could'nt remember it for nothing in the world! Finally, a knowledgeable hip-hopper provided me with the info. LOL, so cool now I'm bumpin'! and decide to hit the streets to attend my homie Derek's bday party with Airport man and a lil before I leave the party I hear 'Lucini' play for a good 15 seconds and whoa! what a great feeling that was....Just thought I'd share! :)

FYI- Lace has the best kept secret right now-- I'm so happy I can finally promote this (Don't kill me please!) If ya not on it, it'd be best to do so! She goes innn!
Peep it tho--> Z I L L A

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