Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jingle Shmingles

I don’t know why I’m not feeling the holidays this year…like I’m a bit disgusted at how quick it came maybe that’s the problem going on [[smh]]…I have to buy gifts and don’t know what to get, I have my fam & friends pressuring me about what I want…Like it’s crazy because I kind of have everything I want right now, so it’s kind of hard to decide. Blah! Whatever!

Shout outs to my homie for buying his very sweet gf a very expensive bag for x-mas and almost having a heart attack at the time of purchase…it’s ok darling, I almost got sick too. Anyways not much going on in the world today, I must put everyone on to this newly discovered Chris Brown song that Stan the Man put me on to…I think this was a bonus song that WAS NOT on the album I bought but WHATEVER. The beat on this song is just sooo fresh to me likee gee wiz, Ziplock status for real lmao.
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Chris Brown- Fallen Angel (Bonus Track?)

Ok! So I did’nt know JD discovered Criss Cross when he was 16?! I was such a youngster when these guys came out…Criss Cross was actually the first real show I attended…bananaazzz

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