Thursday, August 23, 2007

A moment in Hip Hop History...

That I!! Missed out on!! Its about 11.10pm last night and I get a call from Lacingtin--'Ms. Hip Hop Head' herself telling me that Jay,T.I., Diddy, Kanye & 50 cent were all on the same stage at MSG...I almost had a panic attack. Like I don't know if you people understand how important this moment was, but The K I N G S of Hip Hop were all on 1 stage--I don't think there's been a moment like this since the 'Jay-Z & Friends' tour which by the way I was there for that! Front & Center! =). I woke up this morning feeling like I missed out on the biggest moment EVER!--Am I the only person who missed out??. I get to work and of course EVERYONE is speaking about this, get on the elevator and the security people are speaking about it, If the maintenance people come in tonight and say 1 thing about last night I'm gonna have a F I T! LOL Devastated' is my middle name right now!TRUE STORY! Then again, I think about it and I probably would of fainted if I was there. So maybe I'm better off hearing about it then actually witnessing it..maybe not? =/

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On a brighter note: Here's some footage from my Chris Breezy's "Kiss Kiss" video shoot! =)

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j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

SONNNNNNNNNNN words man :-/