Monday, August 27, 2007


I am SUPER happy with MTB4's Season Finale.My dream team is no longer a dream team but now the real deal. I swear if I woulda placed bets on who was going to make it I would of been P A I D right now! 4 out of 4 ! Call me Cleo! LOL. Josie you're being a real big fat hater because that 'Exclusive' ballad was so DOPE you're bugging!Bryan H. and Deangelo MURDERED that! No doubts about it. You're boy Q made it which FYI--I strongly believe he was the 5th member...If Diddy stuck to a 4 man group I gurantee you that he wouldna made it, But! I am very stoked about the outcome. Every guy on that stage last night had incredible talent and they all deserve the best, even Carlos-ingtin was in the building!--PA HAHA! I love it, you love it!

[[Gracias Tory]]

Lauren London looks fabolous as usual.
Loved Lily in the astronaut suit.
The celeb faces were a cool prop too.

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