Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Twitter went BONKERS over this video today (as they should have)...#InventedSex became a trending topic 10 minutes before the release of the video and to top that when you watched the video it was an automatic RT annnnd if you wasn't following Trey TRUST you def are now lol...Gotta love it! Atlantic stand uppp :-p

Shouts to everyone who made my day with their comments lol

@LowKeyUHTN: I can assure you Trey Songz' "I Invented Sex" visual is a real life occurrence or bcame 1 aftr the set was emptied.

@Freshalina Trey Songz invented bourbon chicken. That recipe on his chest for it has been driving me wild for years.

@YoungHarp REALLY THOUGH @songzyuuup? While we were cumbaying nxt door #iinventedsex is wat u were doing!? Nxt time I WANA PLAY! OMG @simply_sb @sthuby

"This right here's a panty dropper...This right here's a baby makerrr" POW! or should I say BONG? lol
Trey Songz- I Invented Sex

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Charmaine said...

That right there is

damn...I'm speechless. That man is too fine