Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breaking the silence...

I know I'm a couple days late on these below but pardon my MIA-ness as I was out in Atlanta for the Soooul Train Awards :-/ Just thought I'd start with this for now :)
Rihanna- The Wait Ia Ova
"There's so much power in my name...Im such a lady, you don't have to be so afraid"
Chrisette Michele f/ Wale- Fragile
"Defense mechanism is the attitude with her. Her outter shell is difficult without it she is brittle...Fragile a little bit"
50 Cent f/ Neyo- Baby By Me
Aw..:Sigh: Shouts to @MiaQuinn on the styling for this xo
(Kudos to WSHH for always having every video on deck!)
I fell in love w/ Robin Thicke SMH

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