Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"We're gona b the Aamco of this...We're gona be the blue collars, hard workers. From now on everything you do, do it for the logo"- Lyor Cohen *CLASSIC*

Sophia Fresh- SuperBad ...Shouts to the homie Skye xo
(Still haven't seen that movie...smh)

"Where God at? I need to call em, my knees on the ground...Dear Father, Don't let me break please make me stronger?"

"For being the perfect distraction...For the way you're something I'd never choose but at the same time something I'd never lose"

Song of the night
Something about her covering this just brings a new meaning to the song for me...
"Ya got a new friend? Well I got homies, but in the end it's so lonely...How could you be so heartless?"

PS- Can't forget Pleasure P stopping by Studio1290 this evening--Check it out below!

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