Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Special Delivery...I got something to give to you.

Got a chance to catch the ending of the 106th & park tour in Atlanta this past weekend and the good folks over at Atlantic were nice enough to post just a little of what Trey Songz has been hitting us with on the tour...Def a good show.
Scratchin Me Up/Last Time

Sidenote: Black Roses is my probably my fave song...Here's his performance at HOB

Kind of upset that I didnt see Mario's set cause I def heart him as an artist, but his album "DNA" is in stores now! (and I had no clue hmph). Go cop son!

"You never mess with young boys cause they never private" :-X

Another #StoryofmyLife moment thanks to The Gossip
"I ain't no weather man
But I know it's gonna rain
You're predictable and typical
Always say the same thing
And you know you do

Out of reach
Out of time
You always seem to be
Outta sight
Outta mind"

Lastly, Lance Gross and that hand...good God. no word, thanks *my voice*

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Lacezilla said...

HA! Besides Love Long Distance and the single, Vertical Rhythm is MY SHIT. When she yells "same thing"??? WOW.