Tuesday, October 6, 2009


...Going back to my post about Diamond and her comment annnd my comment yesterday :-/ I want to hear more opinons out there. Here's a good one (out the 2 lol) I got yesterday

"I use to be one of those "as long as i'm wifey" chicks. but niggas DO NOT understand that concept. yeah, SOME of the bitches will be treated like jump off's but theres gonna be that one sneaky bitch that slips between the cracks. that comes too close to your position at number 1. and why even put US in that situation? MOST men will allow "good pussy" to corrupt them, having them confused and who needs time for the mess?!

I wouldn't have an open relationship OPENLY with my man, I couldn't let him KNO that I'm not trippin bout no other bitches but I won't allow him to think that i'm okay with it. there has to be some sort of concequence or it will get UGLY." -Stacie-Ann

Not going back on my words but she def has a very valid point....Hmph.

New Ish...

I missed the old Usher :) 'Papers'

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