Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't judge me...

But! I definitely agree with Diamond 90% on what she said in a recent interview with the homie Blogxilla that I read on NecoleBitchie lol...But yea, on some realness a dude is definitely gonna do him REGARDLESS..Just know what it really really is in REAL life...Like I won't elaborate because she kind of said everything I think and it sucks that I think this way that's why I leave that 10% to roam around because somewhere inside of me I want to believe that it isn't true but I mean...It is what it is...I'm def an old fashion kind of girl BUT it's about to be 2010 ya'll let's be REAL with ourselves!

“Personally I don’t give a F*** a n*gga could talk to 20 b*tches but as long as I get my 90% and whoever he talking to get 10% that’s fine. A n*gga gonna be a n*gga and once a chick realize men gonna do what they wanna do its about how they go about doing it as long as they respect me and whoever… like if you are talking to somebody or whatever as long as they know when I step in the building then she need to put her head down, she need to know her place. That’s when people get it twisted.”

…I’m not saying that we are messing around on each other, but that’s the type of understanding we got. If I was messing with somebody please believe I’m going to tell that n*gga to be quiet if he call. You need to shut up my n*gga. We keep it real, all the way real we don’t sugar coat none no way whatsoever, but we so happy with each other that its no need to go mess with nobody else, but if we do it’s just a little fling cause its hard and this industry makes you grow up so fast."

Random but, This TIT-TAY really bothers me and makes me uncomfortable--Don't know about everyone else?

Really Teairra Marie?

Transform Ya

Party, Party, Party...Let's all get WASTED :) Luh dis song.

T.I. "Hell of a Life" Tune in to Vh1's "Behind The Music" airing 10/8 @ 8p


*stacie-ann said...

i use to be one of those "as long as i'm wifey" chicks. but niggas DO NOT understand that concept. yeah, SOME of the bitches will be treated like jump off's but theres gonna be that one sneaky bitch that slips between the cracks. that comes too close to your position at number 1. and why even put US in that situation? MOST men will allow "good pussy" to corrupt them, having them confused and who needs time for the mess?!

I wouldn't have an open relationship OPENLY with my man, I couldn't let him KNO that I'm not trippin bout no other bitches but I won't allow him to think that i'm okay with it. there has to be some sort of concequence or it will get UGLY.

♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

i agree wit 'Stacie ann' about the whole open relationship thing i couldnt hav saids it better myself..&& EW @ that rick ross pic lol..

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