Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Thoughts...

I think I'm due for a new tat...Looking for 'TRUST' ( all the wrong places smh *side bar*) a friend of mine has it where I want it, exactly how I want it--- but I might switch it up and do it in arabic alongside mi rib cage. Been digging the inspiring words lately...And "Trust" is so crucial in life, work, and ESPECIALLY relationships...So I think that may be the next move :)

I was thinking...

"You're only here for fun, no need to pretend..I'm just a good time something you can hold on to at night. We don't have a future so I'm moving on cause I know you...
Ne Yo- Nothing New

"So much going on that you can't think of me... Your heart is on a search, let it come to me..I'll make it all reverse when you come to me... Let me be the reason you get through the day know that I'll make everything okay... Hide in me, I'll be your secret place"
Brandy- Let Me Be

"For you I make sure I clear my schedule, this weekend was fully devoted to you. You said you were coming through real soon, that was now a couple hours ago..."
Nina Sky- Beautiful People

"If I could forget em...I would please believe me and I know that I should throw the towel in but it's not that easy. You treat me better then him and if I was sane there'd be no competition..."
Jazmine Sullivan- In Love With Another Man

"Let the world rage outside...Cause when I'm here with you, the world stops for me."
Maxwell- Stop The World

I'm so NOT balanced lol :-/

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