Friday, July 10, 2009

Ketch Up like Heinz lol

"You come out from nowhere, disappear & reappear..Houdini would be very proud"

Catching up on the new ish this week...

Beyonce- Sweet Dreams
*Fuckery* and I think Beyonce is great but this right here...NO, absolutely NOT. She looks crazy especially at 2:48 ...Good boobage at 3:36 though lol

Mario f/ Gucci Mane & Sean Garret- Break Up

Maino f/ Swizz Beats- Million Bucks

Trey Songz on 106th & Park
"I Need A Girl"

"Can't Help But Wait"

LMAO Fwd to 1:56 ...Thanks to Whitney, for this def made my night!

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