Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guess what time it is, my my my time !

It's about time! F A -B O LOUS  (you have to sing it, lol) finally dropped the video for "My Time". Shouts out to Simply SB, she goes HARD to this song, lol. This is Ashmo, I hacked in to drop these vids, your beloved ShanaB will be back shortly. I'm gonna go head and say I am loving how Erik White directed the video like a movie trailer, mad shots with quit cuts. Check it- 

And here's his video for "Throw It In The BAG". Yall know you want to go here, lol.Erik White directed this one also and shouts to Claudia Jordan appearing in the video making these new video chicks look tragic, lol.

~Back to your regularly scheduled BLOGGER~...And....I'm OUT!, don't tell anyone Young Ashmo was in the building...matter fact TELL EVERYONE! haha *Besos*


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