Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weather's dope as ish outside and I'm at home sick under the covers...Someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? No clue, but I do know this Swine Flu is ridic and NO, that's not what I have LOL

Anywho had a good convo convo with the homie AshMo today regarding our stats with guys and why good young woman like us are still single LOL and in REAL REAL life I'm good with being single because I'm not sure if I'm ready to be cuffed and all that but for example times like these when I'm sick it'd be good to go home and hop on the phone and just whine to someone ya know? Is that so much to ask for geeez.

"When I was younger like even had great advice on relationships for people older than me and people were proud like ashley is so focused and not boy crazy thats so great shes gon go far and my friends were like i wish i could not stress about dudes like you dont- THAT WAS ALL GOOD UP UNTIL this last year - like @ 22 I'm like Ive accomplished a lot I've focused on me I'm not ready for a fam and a house but damn I could use a good man in my life to support me...shit"

Like can we go here one day with "Pretty Wings" (shameless plug cuz I love this man lol) playing in the background? Sheesh

Thank You BET!!! This video is the definition of beautiful

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