Monday, April 27, 2009

Random ish that I would've posted but have been MIA....I'm not making a habit out of it, I sweauh---Long week, last week...Don't judge me lol.

Loving the BoomBoomPow remixes going down...good stuff!

I've said this a million times probably but people really sleep on Mario man...I've spent the whole week listening t his music and funny thing is that it's not even tracks from previous albums! His stuff gets leaked all the time and when I be (proper english please lol) so on ittt! Someone needs to give this guy a chance, So what if he was on "Dancing With The Stars" he's not as big as he should be....JUST SAYING!
(Oldie but song is crazysexycool)

Got some new James Fauntleroy finallllly lol it's been like forever since I've seen something from his side of town 
Heart hisss music!

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