Monday, April 13, 2009

I was told that if I didnt post this freestyle ASAP I'd be harassed until I did so, therefore, after a HELLA long day I came home and put this up... Chris and I went to school together back in the day (so long ago lol) homie's found a new talent and it's looking a-ok....Let me know what ya'll think...Feedback is def appreciated per Dwayne LaFlower!! :) 
L E T S G O O O O !!! (c) Diddy PS- Follow me on P O W!

For more on Crisco check out his blog


CrisCo said...

I heavily appreciate the support miss Tashana!!! I got way more fuego than that though LOL...I'll keep you posted for sure!! Miss Ya!!


T-Rich said...

dis is dope yo blog to but can u follow me n comment mi stuuf thanks